Cornelius Varagon


The head of the notorious and bellicose Varagon dynasty, Cornelius has recently relocated to the Koronus Expanse in search of new ventures. The Varagon dynasty rose to prominence during its five hundred year long campaign of conquest and xenocide in what is now called the Sabara Sector. With the extermination of the last Qu’llun megahives and the wholesale atomic bombardment of the Ork worlds of Da Big Tusks, the Imperial foothold on the sector was secured. With an expanding Imperial presence and Chartist ships now serving many trade routes the opportunities for the dynasty melted away, although they retained vast holdings that were only increasing in value. Faced with the choice of relocation or surrendering his warrant of trade and becoming one of the great powers of the sector, Cornelius chose the former.

He has moved into the Expanse with increasing strength. The first ship to arrive was the light cruiser and scout the The Golden Eagle. Since then he has refitted the hulk The Glorious Endeavour and brought in fuel tanker the Glorious Aether and his flagship the dreaded Punishment of Chenkrata. He has refitted The Hermitage and brought in several weapons platforms to defend it. And, perhaps most importantly, he has allied with Ravion Karakan.

Senior Servants of the Varagon Dynasty

Oberon Trask-Seneshal-short, squat, fat, smart as a whip, augmentic eye

Sentillya Seranos= two meters tall, statuesque, dark hair, beautiful, totally lethal

Cornelius Varagon

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