First Officer Phelan

First Officer of the Omen of Majesty, Missionary of the God-Emperor's Word to the Heathen Stars


Name: Phelan
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9
Weight: 170
Career: Missionary
Starting XP: 5,500
Earned XP: 16,900
Total XP: 20,400
Unspent XP:50

WS: 58
BS: 30
S: 40
T: 51
Ag: 45
Int: 40
Per: 40
WP: 61
Fel: 51

Wounds: 15
Fate Points: 4

Common Lore (Imperial Creed) +10
(Imperium) +10
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) +15
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed)
Speak Languages High Gothic
Low Gothic
Rogue Trader (Radonese)
Literary +10
Dodge +10
Deceive +10
Charm +20
Medicae +20
Awareness +20
*Command (for crew of the Omen of Majesty only)
Blather +10

Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Flame Weapon Training (Universal)
Pure Faith
Unshakeable Faith
Leap Up
Sound Constitution
Sound Constitution x2
Sound Constitution x2
Resistance Psychic Techniques
Hatred (Ork)
Cleanse and Purify
Armor of Contempt
Hatred Pirates
Crushing Blow
Cleanse and Purify
Divine Ministration
Talented Medicae
Unarmed Warrior
Inspire Wrath
Purge the Unclean
Resistance Fear
The Emperor Protects
Swift Attack
Peer (Worker)
True Grit
Die Hard
Furious Assault

ChainSword Good Craftsmenship
Flamer Good Craftsmenship
Heavy Flamer
Guard Flak Armor Best Craftsmanship
Ecclesiarchal robes
Aquila pendant
censer & incense
mircro bead
Medicae Kit +20

Power Armor (good quality)
included photo visors, micro bead, internal aspect +20 perception, helmet allows survival in hostile environment.
+20 to Str
+1 Move
Armor 8
Size increased one step

Chain Sword range: melee, damage: 1d10+8 (10 in pa), Pen: 2 tearing, balanced
Flamer: Range: 20 meters, Rate of Fire: S/-/-, damage: 1d10+4, Pen: 2, clip of 6
Heavy Flamer: Range: 30 meters, Rate of Fire: S/-/-, Damage: 2d10+4, Pen: 4, Clip of 10
Best Quality Thunderhammer range: melee, 2d10+4, Pen 10, power field, unwieldy.

Toxic ammo for heavy flamer: Target must after reductions for toughness bonus and armor take a toughness test at -5 for every pt of damage taken. failure leds to 1d10 pts of impact damage to target.

Conversion Field (good quality) 50%

Imperial World +3 WP, Blessed Ignorence -5 to Forbidden Lore, Hagiography Common Lore Imperial Creed, Imperium, War
Liturgical Familiarity Literacy, Speak Language High Gothic, Starting Wounds double toughness bonus 1d5 wounds, 1d10 to determine Fate Points

Child of the Creed +3 WP, -3 WS

Warrior +5 WS, +5 Ag, -5 Fel, Mediate (250 XP)

Hand of War Leap Up

Pride, +3 T

XP Rank 1
Charm 100
Dodge 100
Speak Essleiarchy 100
Awareness 100
Agility 250
Fellowship 100
Sound Constitution 200
Flame Weapon Training (Universal) 500
Common Lore Essleiarchy 100
Willpower 100
Perception 250
Strength 250
Weapon Skill 100
Toughness 250
Secret Language Rogue Trader 100 (1st session)

Rank 2
Medicae (+10) 200
Fellowship 250
Blather 200 (2nd session)
Armour of Contempt 200 (2nd session)
Resistance Psychic Techniques 200 (2nd session)
Weapon Skill 250 (2nd session)
Hatred (Pirates) 200 (5th session)
Cleanse and Purify 500 (5th session)
Awareness +10 200 (5th session)
Orthoproxy 200 (5th session)
Sound Constitution x2 200 (5th session)
Dodge 10 200 (5th session)
Deceive 200 (5th session)
Charm +10 200 (5th session)
Crushing Blow 500
Cleanse and Purify 500
Int 500
Divine Ministration 500
Talented Medicae 200

Rank 3
Medicae +20 200
Sound Constitution x2 200
Toughness 500
Willpower 250
Awareness +20 200
Unarmed Warrior 200
Inspire Wraith 200
Purge the Unclean 500
Resistance Fear 200
Intimidate 200
The Emperor Protects 500
Swift Attack 500
Fellowship 500
Forbidden Lore: Heresy +10 200
Inquiry 200
Peer (Worker) 200
Inspire Wraith 200

Rank 4

True Grit 200
Die Hard 200
Hardy 200
Furious Assault 200
Blather +10 200
Charm +20 200
Deceive +10 200
WS 500
WP 500
Heresy +10 200
Inquisition 200
Agility 500
Climb 200


Phelan was born on the world Cashel-Augha. A green pleasant world of forest and meadows and calm blue seas. Given over to the Essleiarchy schools at an young age he studied diligently for a career in the priesthood. Then the Orks came. Phelan was 15 years old. His school burnt down, his teachers murdered and the local settlements destroyed, Phelan fled and joined a guerilla band battling with the Orks across the world. The Imperial Guard did arrive and start fighting the orks but it soon got messy.

Phelan’s band was enrolled in the Guard but was cut off in an Ork counter offensive. It was then that Phelan met Ravion, who was an officer in battlefleet. Ravion had been given a hit and run mission that hadn’t gone smooth and was himself cut off. Additionally Severus, a gifted pilot despite the handicap of being born noble joined up after his transport experienced mechanical difficulties. Under Ravion’s command they fought their way back to the lines, where Ravion gifted Phelan with a chainsword, noting that Phelan was brave, good at hand to hand and… not the best shot on the planet. This is a gift that Phelan has treasured and put to good use to this very day. Severus and Phelan parted on good terms as well, although Severus did vow never to allow Phelan to drive again. Phelan feels that Severus’s reaction to the Flying Chimeria incident was a bit of an overreaction.

Eventually (shortly after Phelan’s 19th birthday), Cashel-Augha was liberated of it’s unwelcome infection. Phelan was sent as a company Chaplin for a regiment of volunteers sent to neighboring worlds to help against their own ork invasions. Phelan was recognized for bravery several times,
as well as aiding in helping causalities. He did however have several counts of “over zealousness” in regards to dealing with orks and clashing with officers, especially noble ones.

After the campaign however Phelan felt the need to return to his Clerical roots and was allowed to join the Office of Missionaries. When he finished his schooling he found a message from Ravion waiting for him, seeing it as a good chance, he went to Port Wonder and joined the crew.

First Officer Phelan

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