Ravion Karakan

Lord Captain of the Omen of Majesty, holder of the Warrant of Trade


Ravion Karakan

Weapon Skill 46 + 5 + 5 (100 + 250)
Ballistic Skill 50 + 5 + 5 + 5 (250 + 500 + 750)
Strength 30
Toughness 40
Agility 40 + 5 + 5 (250 + 500 )
Intelligence 50 + 5 + 5 (100 + 250)
Perception 40 + 5 + 5 (250 + 500)
Willpower 50 + 5 + 5 (250 + 500)
Fellowship 65 + 5 + 5 + 5 (100 + 250 + 500)

Corruption: 1 + 2
Insanity: 3 + 3 + 3
Fate Points: 5 (3)
Wounds: 18 (18)

Unspent: 2600
Earned: 18,400 / 18,700 (Don’t ask)
Total: 23,400

Origin Path:

Homeworld: Battlefleet
Lure of the Void: Seeker of Truth
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Prestige
Career: Rogue Trader
Lineage: Prominent Ancestry


Command (Fel)
Commerce (Fel)
Charm (Fel)
C.Lore (Imperium) INT
Evaluate (INT)
Literacy (INT)
S.Lore (Astro) INT
Speak (High Gothic)
Speak (Low Gothic)
C.Lore (Navy) INT
Speak (Fleet War Cant)
Navigation (Stellar)
S.Lore (Tactica) INT
Dodge (AGI)
C.Lore (Rogue Trader) INT
Awareness (PER)
Speak (Trader’s Cant) INT
S.Lore (Archaic) INT
S.Lore (Legend) Basic (Untrained) INT/2
Secret Tongue (RT) 100 XP
Ciphers (Rogue Trader) 100 XP
Deceive (Fel) 200 XP
Barter (Fel) 200 XP
Command +10 (Fel) 200 XP
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Warrants) INT 200 XP
Charm +10 (Fel) 200 XP
Blather (Fel) 200 XP
Dodge +10 (AGI) 200 XP
S.Lore (Heraldry) INT 200 XP
Inquiry (Fel) 200 XP
Command +20 (Fel) 200 XP
Pilot (Space) AGI 100 XP
Carouse (TOU) 200 XP
F. Lore (Xenos) INT 200 XP
C. Lore (Koronus Expanse) INT 200 XP
Charm +20 (Fel) 200 XP
Secret Tongue (Underdeck) INT 200 XP
Dodge +20 (AGI) 200 XP
Commerce +10 (INT) 200 XP
Speak Language (Eldar) INT 200 XP
Acrobatics (AGI) 200 XP
Decieve +10 (Fel) 200 XP


Air of Authority
Pistol (Uni)
Melee (Uni)
Void Accustomed
Officer on Deck
Ship Bound Fighter
Resistance (Fear)
Talented (Charm)
Renowned Warrant
Ambidexterity 200 XP
Jaded 200 XP
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) 300 XP
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) 500 XP
Quick Draw 200 XP
Iron Discipline 200 XP
Leap Up 200 XP
Sound Constitution 1 200 XP
Gunslinger 500 XP
Decadence 200 XP
Foresight 200 XP
Into the Jaws of Hell 500 XP
Double Team 200 XP
Sound Constitution 2 200 XP
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Shuriken Pistol) 500 XP
Sound Constitution 3 200 XP
Rapid Reaction 200 XP
Master and Commander 500 XP
Sound Constitution 4 200 XP
Sound Constitution 5 200 XP
Light Sleeper 200 XP


Plasma Pistol (Common) BS 50 Range 30 S/2/- 1d10+6 (2d10+6) Pen 6/8 Clip 10
Plasma Pistol (Best) x2 BS 50 Range 30 S/2/- 1d10+6 (2d10+6) Pen 6/8 Clip 10
Eldar Shuriken Pistols (2) BS 50 Range 30 S/3/5 1d10+2 Pen 4 Clip 40
Inferno Pistols (Good) x2 BS 50 Range 10 S/-/- 2d10+4 Pen 12 Clip 3

Power Sword (Common) WS 46 1d10+8 Pen 5 Power Field, Balanced
Micro Bead
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno-Pelt Cloak
Storm Trooper Carapace (Best Quality, AP 7)
Calculance Array (10 to Commerce)
Mefonte’s Orthodoxy (
10 to Charm wrt Religious, inspiration for Imperial Audience)
Eldar Shimmerstone (+ 20 to WP vs. Possession)
Cameleoline Cloak (Taken from Augurs Armory)
Good Maccabien Rosarius (50, 1-5)
Airtorch Ammunition


Ravion Karakan was a child from a strong military background, his family having served with distinction in Imperial Battlefleet. Even after the prestigious Warrant of Trade was presented to his line, the tradition of Dynastic Heirs serving in an Imperial Battlefleet continued, so as not to lose the family’s proud martial tradition.

Afforded the best possible education, Ravion was a quick study, learning the ways of logic, the lore of the Imperium reaching back to the days before the Emperor, and even learning a handful of secrets that were hidden in the memoirs of his family line. Perhaps it is because he knows some of the hidden truths of the Emperor the Imperial Cult obscures with their doctrine that he is as devout as he is, or perhaps it was the constant reminders of his tutors of the Emperor’s greatness, but Ravion is a firm believer of the Emperor of Mankind.

When he came of age, he applied for a term of service with Battlefleet Calixis, training as an officer and learning the myriad ways of war. His early career was on board the Lunar-Class Cruiser Justicar as a Junior Officer. His eagerness to prove his worth combined with his natural aptitude for command lead to his relatively swift promotion to Lieutenant.

During his tour with the Justicar, several relatively small conflicts broke out in the Calixis Sector, incursions of Orks and Kroot mercenaries. During a particularly nasty and bloody conflict with the Orks, Ravion was given the task of assisting ground units in a hit and run attack on a high priority target, {information redacted by Imperial Decree}. The attack was a success, but the shuttles Ravion and his strike team had used were destroyed in the fighting by the Orks. Stranded and deep inside enemy territory, Ravion merged with the Imperial Guard unit he had been supporting, which was lead by the Missionary Phelan, who had taken command of the Guardsmen when their commanding officer had been killed in a suicidal charge against impossible odds. As Severus Xanatov, a transport pilot that had also been stranded on the planet, put it, the Lieutenant’s death was quite impressive, and he took a number of Orks with him when he exploded.

As the ranking officer, Ravion took command of the combined unit, with the objective of getting himself back to his ship and getting the rest of the Guardsmen back to the main Imperial Line. While Ravion knew quite well the Tactica Imperalis, he had only ever employed its wisdom in the void, and so relied heavily on Phelan’s experience with the men and the world to carry out his plans. Severus, meanwhile, was clearly a man of many skills, not the least of which was his talent with vehicles. Ravion learned that of all the Transports from Severus’s ship, his was the only one that touched down in one piece, the others annihilated by Ork Fighta-Bombers and anti-aircraft fire. Many of the Guardsmen in the unit owed Severus their lives, and followed him when the chain of command broke down.

The following weeks were filled with tension as Ravion and his impromptu company made their way through the war-torn world back to the relative safety of the nearest Imperial Base. Several encounters with Orks interrupted the journey, but finally they reached their destination.

As the shuttle back to the Justicar sat on the landing pad, Ravion gave Phelan his Chainsword, commenting that the Missionary needed something better than a monosword to properly kill greenskins. To Severus, he gave his Bolt Pistol, noting that he would need a reliable sidearm once his Missile Launcher ran dry. He also ordered his strike team to give their Hellguns to Phelan and Severus’s men, which they did without question.

Back on the Justicar, Ravion continued serving with distinction during the Ork conflict before being promoted to Commander, and given a transfer to a new post aboard Battlefleet Koronus’s Flagship, the Gryphon, under the command of the also newly promoted Admiral Horne.

The Gryphon was no easy assignment. It was one of the worst kept secrets in the fleet that Ravion was heir to the Karakan Dynasty, and while he had faced a few problems regarding his service on board the Justicar, many of them went away after his excursion planetside. On the Gryphon, however, it was clear that he was being tested, for the second worst kept secret in the fleet was Horne’s opinion of Rogue Traders. On a cruiser, Ravion would have been a first officer, but on board the Battlecruiser, he was merely a Senior Officer, though at times he did have command of the bridge.

During the Footfall affair, he noticed that one of the Gun-Captains was highly skilled at placing precisely-aimed lances at the enemy, and even managed to make the ship’s Nova Cannon appear precisely where he wanted it. Ravion made a note to follow up on this officer, a man named Torian Voltaius, though the gun crews commonly called him “Cutter”, out of respect for how easily he seemed to slice apart enemy ships with lance fire. Torian and Ravion talked frequently, and quickly became confederates.

When Ravion’s tour was finished, he gave Torian and Phelan offers to join him on board the Omen of Majesty, his Father’s Dauntless Class Light Cruiser, and the last real strength of the Karakan Dynasty.

The Karakan line, while of good military stock, was not ideally suited towards the life of Rogue Traders, and had long ago sought to remedy the shortcomings of the line by allying with a Noble family, the Xanatovs. Provenders of the Imperium, they had stable income and many family members hungry to make names for themselves. Over the years, their assistance has been great, but fortune has not been kind to the Karakans. Three cousins, Sarvus, Severus, and Septimus led the current generation of Xanatov support.

Ravion’s father had several plans to restore the currently waning family fortune, but never seemed to be destined to succeed. Having left behind Torian and Explorator Lucius Scapio on a planet to manage an endeavor, Ravion’s father went back to Footfall to gather more equipment to better exploit his find. The return trip, however, was a disaster for all involved.

On the way back to resupply Torian and Lucius, the Omen of Majesty suffered a terrible warp incursion, resulting in the deaths of the chief Astropath, Navigator, and countless members of the crew. Ravion’s own father was critically wounded by a warp creature and barely survived the encounter, only making it to safety due to the efforts of Ravion, Sarvus, and one of the Astropathic Choir named Cornelius. The horrific journey in the warp lasted for months, and it seemed like the terror would not end. Finally, Navigator Sebastian Xan’Tai plotted the course out of the warp, bringing them to their destination far later than they had planned to arrive.

On the planet, the endeavor was in ruins. The survivors, who had been expecting support nearly a year ago, had done what they could to endure. Torian and Lucius were clearly affected by their ordeal, but their anger quickly subsided when they learned of the dark passage the crew of the Omen had endured.

Ravion, temporarily in command while his Father recovered, brought the ship to Port Wander for repairs, medical assistance, and to take on new crew. Waiting for him were Phelan and Severus, who had finally made their way to the Expanse after their long conflict with the Orks.

With the beginnings of his own command staff collected, Ravion continued to serve under his father for many years, until the day the wounds he suffered in the dark voyage in the warp lead to his untimely death. With a promotion made in blood, Lord-Captain Ravion Karakan took command of the Omen of Majesty and set out to not just return the Dynasty to glory, but to bring the Koronus sector into the Imperium of Man by his own hand.

Ravion Karakan

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