Sarvus Xanatov

Master of Arms of the Omen of Majesty


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Sarvus Xanatov
Rogue Trader, Augmenticist

Weapons Skill 65 (3 advances) 850 xp
Ballistic Skill 40 (1 advance) 250 xp
Strength 50 (2 advances) 1250 xp
Toughness 40
Agility 50 (2 advances) 750 xp
Intelligence 40 (2 advances) 350xp
Perception 35 (1 advance) 250 xp
Willpower 39 (2 advances) 750 xp
Fellowship 50 (2 advances) 350xp

Corruption: 1
Insanity: 5
Fate Points: 3
Wounds: 15

Origin Path
Homeworld: Noble Born
Birthright: Fringe Survivor (Pit Fighter, 200xp)
Lure of the Void: Hunter (Xenos Hunter, 200xp)
Trials and Travails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Exhilaration (Thrill of War, 250xp)
Career: Rogue Trader
Ship Role: Master at Arms (+10 to “Prepare to Repel Boarders”)

Acrobatics (Ag)
Awareness +10 (Per)
Charm (Fel)
Ciphers (Rogue Trader) (Int) 100xp
Command +20 (Fel)
Commerce + 10(Fel)
Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)
Dodge + 20 (Ag)
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int)
Intimidate (Str)
Literacy (Int)
Pilot (spacecraft, personal) (Ag) 100xp
Search (Per)
Security (Ag)
Scholastic Lore (Astro, Tactica) (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader) (Int) 100xp
Speak (Eldar, High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int)
Tracking (Int)
Trade (Voidfarer)

Air of Authority
Ambidextrous 200xp
Binary Chatter
Counter Attack
Crushing Blow
Double Team
Heightened Senses (Smell, Sound)
Infused Knowledge
Iron Discipline
Leap Up
Legacy of Wealth
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Peer (Nobility, Administratum)
Physical Perfection x 2
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Rapid Reaction
Resistance (Fear)
Sound Constitution (x5)
Sprint (from legs)
Swift Attack
Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)

Ship Role statistics:
Command test for the “Prepare to Repel Boarders” Extended action: 50 (Fel) + 20 (Command) + 10 (Role bonus) + 5 (if test is made on the bridge) = 85

Opposed command test for boarding actions and defending against hit-and-run attacks: 50 (Fel) + 20 (Command) + 5 (clan kin quarters) + 5 (If test is made on the bridge) = 80*

*additional modifier from the “Prepare to Repel Boarders” action may also apply


Sarvus Xanatov could have led a life of untold license and leisure, wasting away indolently amid the upspire palaces. Could have, but didn’t. Certainly not indolently, anyway. He was born the fifth son of a fifth son, with no hope of inheriting anything other than a ceremonial position in the family trade and virtually no prospects for inheritance.

Sarvus was a… different sort, when compared with his siblings. Where they learned first to trade and second only the barest minimum of martial skill necessary for a hive noble, Sarvus learned the blade. Though he could not entirely skip his other lessons, he was fighting in illicit pit fights and dueling circles as soon as he was able. When the excitement of staged fights faded, he took to traveling far and wide to hunt ever more dangerous life forms, on occasion leading hunting parties of other nobles. When even that thrill faded, he led some of those same nobles down hive in a hunt for the most dangerous prey.

Such activities did not go unnoticed, and Sarvus found himself invited to participate in a fighting ring secretive even by the standards of such activities. The extra secrecy was not unwarranted, as Sarvus found out. This particular organization was home to a cult of the dark gods, which Sarvus dutifully reported to the local Arbites. Sarvus played a key role as an undercover informant in the ensuing investigation and continued in the capacity when the Inquisition was brought on board.

Though he was declared free of taint upon the conclusion of the investigation, the politically expedient thing for Sarvus to do was disappear for a while. The continuing voyages of the starship Omen of Majesty, belonging to the allied house of Karakan, provided a suitable means of doing so. Life in Imperial space was getting boring anyway.

Sarvus Xanatov

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