Severus Xanatov

Master Helmsman of the Omen of Majesty


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Name: Severus Xanatov
Homeworld: Noble Born (1 profit)
Birthright: Heretek (
3 int. Tech-use and Medicae skills. 1d5+1 corruption)
Lure of the Void: Renegade/Dark Visionary (1d5+1 insanity, dark soul and forbidden lore (archaetech)
Trials and Travails: The Hand of War/The Ashes of War (Heavy Weapon Training (launcher) and Hatred (Orks), -10 to all fellowship tests when dealing with Orks)
Lineage: A proud tradition (Heir Apparent)
Motivation: Pride (Saint Drusus Blessed Carapace Armour)
Class: Void-Master/Xenographer/Master Helmsman*
Rank: 6
Ship Role: Master Helmsman
Wounds: 18
Insanity: 8
Corruption: 7
Fate Points: 4
Initiative: 1d10+8
Initial Experience: 5,500 xp
Experience Gained: 18,400 xp
Experience Used: 15,600 xp
Experience Remaining: 2,800 xp
Total Experience: 23,400 xp

Weapon Skill: 40
Ballistic Skill: 55
Strength: 40
Toughness: 40
Agility: 60
Intelligence: 40
Perception: 43
Willpower: 45
Fellowship: 40

Air of Authority
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Dark Soul
Die Hard
Double Team
Exotic Weapon Training (Eldar LasBlaster)
Hatred (Orks)
Heavy Weapon Training (Launcher)
Hip Shooting
Hotshot Pilot
Mastery of Space
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Peer (Imperial Navy, Military, Nobility)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Fear)
Sound Constitution 6
Talented (Pilot – Space Craft, Dodge)
True Grit
Vendetta (Valloon Dynasty)

Awareness +20 (Per)
Charm (Fel)
Command +10 (Fel)
Common Lore (Imperial Navy, Koronus Expanse, War) (Int)
Deceive (Fel)
Dodge +20 (Agi)
Drive (Ground Vehicle, Skimmer/Hoverer) (Agi)
Forbidden Lore (Archaetech, Pirates, Xenos +20) (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (Str, Int or Fel)
Literacy (Int)
Medicae (Int)
Navigation (Stellar) (Int)
Pilot (Flyers +20, Personal +10, Space Craft +20) (Agi)
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) (Int)
Scrutiny +10 (Per)
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader, Underdeck)
Speak Language (Eldar +10, High Gothic, Low Gothic, Stryxis) (Int)
Tech-Use (Int)
Trade (Armourer) (Agi)
Trade (Voidfarer) (Agi)

Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) [Good Quality]

Piloting Tests
Pilot (Space Craft): 60 (Base) + 20 (Skill) 10 (Talented) +10 (MIU) +10 (Hotshot Pilot) = 110 + Maneuver Rating (12 or +22) = 122 or 132
Pilot (Flyers): 60 (Base) + 20 (Skill) +10 (MIU) +10 (Hotshot Pilot) = 100 + Maneuver Rating
Pilot (Personal): 60 (Base) + 10 (Skill) +10 (MIU) +10 (Hotshot Pilot) = 90

Scrutiny Tests
Scrutiny: 43 (Base) + 10 (Skill) + 25 (Sensors): 78


Power Sword
Quality: Common
Pattern: Mordian
Class: Melee
Range: --
Damage: 1d10+5E (1d10+9)
Penetration: 5
Special: Powerfield, Balanced (+15 parry)
Weight: 3kg
Availability: Very Rare

Chain Sword
Quality: Best (10 to WS, +1 damage)
Pattern: Hecate
Class: Melee
Range: --
Damage: 1d10
3E (1d10+7)
Penetration: 2
Special: Tearing, Balanced (+15 parry)
Weight: 6kg
Availability: Average

Bolt Pistol
Quality: Common
Pattern: Ceres
Class: Pistol
Range: 30m
ROF: S/2/—
Damage: 1d10+5X
Penetration: 4
Magazine: 8
Reload: Full
Special: Tearing
Weight: 3.5kg
Availability: Rare

Missile Launcher
Quality: Common
Pattern: Locke
Class: Heavy
Range: 250m
ROF: S/—/—
Damage: 2d10X (Frag) or 3d10+10X (Krak)
Penetration: 4 (Frag) or 10 (Krak)
Blast: Frag (6), Krak (1)
Magazine: 1
Reload: Full
Special: Frag Missile (Blast 6), Krak Missile (Blast 1)
Weight: 12kg
Availability: Scarce

Grenade Launcher
Quality: Best
Pattern: Voss
Class: Basic
Range: 60m
ROF: S/—/—
Damage: 2d10+4X (Krak), 2d10x (Frag), 1d10+3E (Inferno), 2d10+3R (Geode), 4d10+4R (Filament), 1d10+3 (Bloodfire)
Penetration: Krak (6), Frag (0), Inferno (6), Geode (4), Filament (6), Bloodfire (0)
Blast: Krak (-), Frag (4), Inferno (2, Flame), Geode (3), Filament (1, Tearing), Bloodfire (10, Special Toughness Test @ -10)
Magazine: 6 (18)
Reload: Full
Special: Red Dot Laser Sight, Fire Selector, Cannot Jam
Weight: 12.5kg
Availability: Scarce
Standard Loadout: 6 Filament, 6 Geode, 6 Inferno

Eldar Lasblaster
Quality: Common
Pattern: Unknown
Class: Basic
Range: 120m
ROF: S/3/6
Damage: 1d10+4E
Penetration: 4
Magazine: 90
Reload: Full
Special: Reliable
Weight: 3.5kg
Availability: Near Unique

Shuriken Catapult
Quality: Common
Pattern: Unknown
Class: Basic
Range: 60m
ROF: S/3/10
Damage: 1d10+4R
Penetration: 6
Magazine: 100
Reload: 2 Full
Special: Reliable
Weight: 2.5kg
Availability: Very Rare

Carapace Armor (Heirloom) + Helmet
Quality: Best
Locations: All
AP: 7
Weight: 7kg
Availability: Very Rare
Special: Inbuilt microbead or voxcaster, Heightened Senses (Sight), Dark Sight, Always make an awareness roll against a hidden target as a free action.
Background: An exquisite set of armor which was at one point allegedly blessed by St. Drusus himself, this armor chronicles a detailed instance during Drusus’ crusade rather than a general narrative of the Saint’s beliefs. It is rumored that six such sets of armor exist, each belonging at one point to one of the Saint’s most devoted (and fanatical) followers. it is said that once all six unique sets of armor are gathered together, a singular cohesive narrative will be able to be decoded. The exact nature of the narrative has been widely speculated within various circles. This particular armor has the number III etched near the collar.

Grapplehawk “Megaera” – Xanatov Pattern
Attributes: WS= 40, BS=**, S=35, T=35, Ag=50, Int=20, Per=40, WP=30, Fel= —
Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 8
Skills: Awareness 10 (Per), Dodge (Ag), Concealment (Agi), Silent Move (Ag)
Talents: Fearless, Hip Shooting, Flame Weapon Training (Pistol)
Traits: Armor Plating, Dark Sight, Flier 20, Machine 4, Size (Scrawny)
Armour (Machine): All 6
Weapons: Best-Quality Cadence “Destroyer” Hand Flamer (Mouth) [1d10
5, Pen 2, Clip 5, Pistol 15m], Shock-Pulse Claws (1d10+3E, Shocking)
Gear Auspex, Inbuilt Vox and cogitator, Grapple units (can carry things at SBx2), Shock-Pulse Claws (1d10+3E, Shocking), Stummer, Cameleoline Coating, Leg Dispensers allowing each leg to carry up to 2kg of ordnance.
Death From Above: For the purposes of dropping ordnance from its leg dispensers, the Xanatov pattern grapple-hawk counts as having BS 35.
Bombing Run: As a full action, the Xanatov pattern may make a bombing run. It may fly up to its full movement and make a single attack (as per hip shooting) at any point during its movement. If possible, the Grapplehawk will seek to activate its stummer as a free action prior to attempting the bombing run. An enemy that is attacked in this fashion and is not aware of the grapplehawk’s presence may make an opposed awareness test against the grapplehawk’s silent move skill (+30 counting the Grapplehawk’s stummer). If the opponent is successful, it may attack the Grapplehawk with a -10 penalty to do so due to the Grapplehawk’s speed and motion. If the opponent is not successful, he counts as being surprised for the purposes of this attack. if the opponent is aware of the Grapplehawk, it may be attacked as normal.
Notable Kills: Ork Warboss.

1x Guard Flak Armor
1x Eldar Shimmerstone (20 vs Possession)
3x Frag Grenades
3x Smoke Grenades
1x Micro-Bead
1x Void Suit
1x Blessed Ship Token
1x Rebreather
1x Imperial Navy Uniform
2x bottles of amasec
1x Pict-recorder
1x Vox-caster
1x Medikit
1x Eldar Las Blaster (Common)
1x Eldar Shuriken Catapult (Common)
1x Eldar Jewelled Brooch [Power Field] (Rating 75, Overload 01-05)
1x Cameleoline Cloak
1x Mind Impulse Unit (Good) [
10 to communicate with machine spirits, tech-use, pilot, drive, logic, inquiry and ballistic skill tests when interfaced with MIU systems. Experience the senses of any familiars controlled as if owner were present]
1x Grapplehawk
1x Best Quality Chainsword
1x Holo-Suit (-20 to all weapon or ballistic skill checks. +30 to concealment and an extra -20 to BS skill checks if stationary.)
1x Shifting Fabric (Good Quality)
1x Inferno Pistol (Good Quality)
Krak Grenade/Missile Supply
Frag Grenade/Missile Supply
Egerian Geode Grenade Supply
Inferno Grenade Supply
Xeno-Filament Grenade Supply
Bloodfire Grenade Supply

XP Purchases

5 Ballistic Skill (Simple): 100xp
+5 Agility (Simple): 100xp
+5 Willpower (Simple): 100xp
Dodge: 100xp
Awareness: 100xp
Drive (Ground Vehicle): 100xp
Scrutiny: 100xp
Trade (Voidfarer): 100xp
Heir Apparent Lineage: 100xp
Heretek Birthright: 100xp
+5 Agility (Intermediate): 250xp
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader): 100xp
+5 Ballistic Skill (Intermediate): 250xp
+5 Willpower (Intermediate): 250xp
+5 Perception (Simple): 250xp
+5 Agility (Trained): 500xp
Pilot (Space Craft) +10: 200xp
Quick Draw: 200xp
Scrutiny +10: 200xp
Paranoia: 200xp
Intimidate: 100xp
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse): 200xp
Pilot (Flyers) +10: 200xp
Drive (Skimmer/Hover): 100xp
Command: 200xp
Dodge +10: 200xp
Forbidden Lore (Pirates): 200xp
Secret Tongue (Underdeck): 200xp
+5 Willpower (Trained): 500xp
Awareness +10: 200xp
Hardy: 200xp
Basic Weapon Training (Universal): 500xp
Pilot (Space Craft) +20: 200xp
+5 Weapon Skill (Simple): 250xp
+5 Strength Skill (Simple): 250xp
Inquiry: 200xp
Deceieve: 200xp
Charm: 200xp
Command +10: 200xp
Die Hard: 200xp
Rapid Reload: 200xp
Double Team: 200xp
Pilot (Personal): 200xp
Dodge +20: 200xp
Trade (Armourer): 200xp
+5 Fellowship (Simple): 500xp
Jaded: 200xp
Talented (Dodge): 200xp
Peer (Imperial Navy): 200xp
+5 Strength (Intermediate): 500xp
Resistance (Fear): 200xp
Pilot (Flyers) +20: 200xp
Hotshot Pilot: 500xp
Hip Shooting: 500xp
Pilot Personal +10: 200xp
+5 Weapon Skill (Intermediate): 500xp
True Grit: 200xp
Speak Language (Eldar): 200xp
Sound Constitution 1: 200xp
Awareness 20: 200xp100xp
Forbidden Lore: Xenos +10: 200xp
Sound Constitution 2: 200xp
Polyglot: 300xp
Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Eldar Lasblaster): 200xp
Speak Language (Stryxis): 200xp
Sound Constitution 3: 200xp
Forbidden Lore: Xenos +20: 250xp
Speak Language (Eldar) +10: 250xp
+5 Ballistic Skill (Trained): 500xp
Sound Constitution 4: 200xp
Air of Authority: 200xp
Sound Constitution 5: 200xp
Sound Constitution 6: 200xp
+1 Fate Point: Free

Fear/Madness Addition
+4 insanity points and +2 corruption points (roll of 108) upon seeing a 1.5 meter creature of the ruinous powers phase through a closed bulkhead.

1x Jump Pack (Best Quality) [Rare Availability]
1x Flip Belt [Extremely Rare]
5x Targeters [Rare]
4x Boltguns (Good) [Very Rare]
1x Synskin [Extremely Rare]
1x Hexagrammic Wards [Very Rare]
1x Bionic Respiratory System (Best Quality) [Rare]
1x Combi-Tool (Best Quality) [Rare]
1x Demolition Charge Supply [Scarce]
1x Tox Dispenser [Rare]
1x Blackbone Bracing [Very Rare]
1x Bolt Pistol (Best Quality)[Rare]


Severus Xanatov

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