Armsmen Inventory


Guard flak armor,
5000 Merovech Assault Flashlights: 50m, s/-/5, 1d10+3E, pen 0, Clip 120, reload 2Full, Reliable, 4.5kg
*holds 2 lasgun packs (normal being 60 shots each), counts as a mono-spear in hand-to-hand combat

overcharge las power packs: halve clip size, +1 damage.

100 Mezoa-pattern Meltaguns: 20m, s/-/-, 2d10+10E, pen 13, clip 10, rld 3Full, 8.5kg,
88/100 Good-craftsmanship Heavy Flamers (12/100 diverted for use at Phelan’s discretion)
100 Good-craftsmanship Naval Shotcannon
100 man supply of toxic shotcannon shot

Faith In The Emperor and the Karakans.


Armsmen Inventory

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