Augurs Armory

The Weapons and Equipment of the Augers


100 Armageddon-Pattern Autoguns with fire selectors and red dot sights
100 Man-Stopper Round (SP) Supplies
50 Absolution-Pattern Sniper Rifles (Into the Storm) Good Quality, red dot sights
50 Toxic Shot (SP) Supplies
50 Cameleoline Cloaks
38 Shuriken Catapults
38 Lasblasters
78 Shuriken Pistols

Rifleman Loadout:
Armageddon Autogun loaded with three magazines of Man-Stopper Rounds
Flak Armor

Marksman Loadout:
Absolution Sniper Rifle loaded with Toxic Shot with Man-Stopper backup magazines.
Flak Armor
Cameleoline Cloak
Red dot sight for close range work, Telescopic sight for long-distance

Special Weapons Loadout:
Shuriken Catapult or Lasblaster
Flak Armor

Heavy Weapons Loadout:
No Heavy Weapons available


Augurs Armory

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