Sarvus' Inventory


Exteroccidor, Best craftsmanship chain axe (+10 to hit, 1d1012 damage, pen 2, tearing)
Common Craftsmanship Mordian-Pattern Power Sword (1d10+12 pen 5, balanced)
Best Craftsmanship Inferno Pistol (10m, S/-/-, 2d10+8 E, pen 13, clip 3)
w/ airtorch (5m, s/-/-, 2d10+8 E, pen 13, clip 3, scatter)
red dot sight, in MIU shoulder mount
Common Craftsmanship Ryza-Pattern Plasma Pistol (1d10+6 pen 6/2d10+6 pen 8, 30m/40m)
Stub Automatic

Armor and Protective Equipment:
Best-Craftsmanship Storm Trooper Carapace Armor (AP 7 All, Preysense, Heightened Senses (Sight), Self-contained breathing apparatus)
Holo-Suit (-20 to an BS or WS tests to hit Sarvus. If he stands still, a further -20 to BS tests applies and Sarvus gains +30 to Concealment tests.)
Shimmer Stone (
+20 to resist possession)

Good Craftsmanship Bionic Locomotion (++20 to jump or leap, Sprint talent)
Best-Craftsmanship Mind Impulse Unit
MIU Weapon Link (Shoulder mount, best inferno pistol w/ red dot sight and airtorch cannisters)
Senses (Smell)

Not Installed:
best-craftsmanship synthetic muscle grafts:
Grants Unnatural Strength (x2) and -10 on all Agility-based tests.

Miscellaneous Gear:
Micro Bead
Void Suit
Fine Clothing
Xeno-Pelt Cloak
Clip/Drop Harness
Lamp Pack
Pict Recorder
Turkina, Faithful and Blessed Grapplehawk

Can’t use yet:
Good-craftsmanship flip belt:
Grants Hover (6) and +20 on all Agility-based tests. Requires Pilot (Personal).


Turkina, Faithful and Blessed Grapplehawk:
Weapons Skill 40
Ballistic Skill -
Strength 35
Toughness 35
Agility 48
Intelligence 18
Perception 40
Willpower 30
Fellowship -

Skills and Talents:
Awareness +10 (Per)
Dodge (Ag)
Talents and Traits
Swift Attack
Armor Plating
Dark Sight
Flier 20
Machine 4
Size (scrawny)
Grapple units (can carry things at SBx2)
Cameleoline Coating
Upgraded Shock-Pulse Claws (1d10
6E, Pen 5, Shocking)
Cadence “Destroyer” Hand Flamer (Mouth) [1d10+5, Pen 2, Clip 5, Pistol 15m]

Sarvus' Inventory

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