Severus's Inventory

Severus's list of gear, condensed


1x Guard Flak Armor
1x Saint Blessed Carapace Armor (Best)
1x Eldar Shimmerstone (+ 20 vs Possession)
3x Frag Grenades
3x Smoke Grenades
1x Micro-Bead
1x Void Suit
1x Blessed Ship Token
1x Rebreather
1x Imperial Navy Uniform
2x bottles of amasec
1x Pict-recorder
1x Vox-caster
1x Medikit
1x Bolt Pistol (Common)
1x Power Sword (Common)
1x Missile Launcher Locke-Pattern (Common)
1x Grenade Launcer Voss Pattern w/laser sight & fire selecter (best)
1x Eldar Las Blaster (Common)
1x Eldar Shuriken Catapult (Common)
1x Eldar Jewelled Brooch [Power Field] (Rating 75, Overload 01-05)
1x Cameleoline Cloak
1x Mind Impulse Unit (Good) [+10 to communicate with machine spirits, tech-use, pilot, drive, logic, inquiry and ballistic skill tests when interfaced with MIU systems. Experience the senses of any familiars controlled as if owner were present]
1x Grapplehawk
1x Holo-Suit (-20 to all weapon or ballistic skill checks. +30 to concealment and an extra -20 to BS skill checks if stationary.)
Krak Grenade/Missile Supply
Frag Grenade/Missile Supply
Egerian Geode Grenade Supply
Inferno Grenade Supply
Xeno-Filament Grenade Supply


Severus's Inventory

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