The Omen of Majesty: Tales of the Karakan Dynasty

On the Boarding of Grand Cruisers

The Glorious and Doughty Crew of the Omen of Majesty have sustained massive casualties in securing the Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser Malice

Interrogation of the Cowardly and Depraved prisoners reveals that the enemy captain and his chief sorceror are still missing

The Ever Faithful and Unflappable grapplehawk Turkina lies slain, smote by a Dastardly chaos space marine sorceror…

Who was in turn chastised by the Mighty Missionary Phelan

Sarvus Xanatov lies on Death’s Door, horribly mutilated by a daemon weapon… and still lightly wounded!

The Ork Boarding
The three session Ork Slaughter

XP Earned: 1600


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