Command Staff

This is the list of the current command staff of the Omen of Majesty

Lord Captain Ravion Karakan (Rogue Trader Seal of Approval reaches across entire ship, +10 to Hold Fast! Extended Action)

First Officer Phelan (Command as Trained Basic Skill for Crew of Omen of Majesty)

Enginseer Prime Lucius Scapio (+10 to Emergency Repairs)

Master Helmsmen Severus Xanatov (+10 to Evasive Manuevers)

Master at Arms Sarvus Xanatov (+10 to Repel Boarders)

Master of Ordnance Torian Voltaius (+5 BS when Lock on Target)

Choir-Master Telepathica Cornelius Alessaunder (Range of Signal +1 Step)

Warp Guide Sebastion Xan’Tai (+5 to Warp Navigation) Currently off active duty

Chief Sensechal Septimus Xanatov

As rich and powerful individuals, the Command Staff has expensive tastes, as the current Shopping List shows.

Additionally, the Omen of Majesty has several notable groups in the crew, including the following:

Omen of Majesty’s Armsmen (Full Strength ~3300)
The Augurs (Full Strength 100)
The Extraordinarii (Full Strength 30)
Telepathic Choir (Full Strength 6)

Command Staff

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