Only War

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Only War Regiment Rules for the Omen of Majesty

12 Points

Origin: Hive World (PDF/Voidborn) (3 Points)

Starting Skills: Common Lore: Imperium, Decieve
Characteristic Charnges: +3 to two of the following: Agility, Fellowship, Perception
Accustomed to Crowds: crowds do not count as difficult terrain
Hive/Shipbound: -10 to survival checks outside of “civilization”
Urban Violence: Pick one: Unremarkable, Paranoia, Heightened Senses (Hearing)
Starting Wounds: Reduce starting wounds by 1

Commanding Officer: Lord Captain Ravion Karakan (2 Points)

Sanguine: Die Hard Talent

Regiment Type: Light Infantry (2 Points)

Characteristic Changes: +3 Agility, -3 Toughness
Starting Skills: Navigate: Surface
Starting Talents: Sprint
Standard Kit: One lascarbine and four charge packs per
Player Character (Main Weapon), one flak jacket and flak
helmet per Player Character, two frag grenades and two
smoke grenades per Player Character. (To be altered)

Training Doctrines (2 Points)

Iron Discipline: Willpower Aptitude

Special Equipment Doctrines (3 Points)

Well Provisioned: +2 weapon magazines, +2 weeks of rations, +1 of each grenade type, +10 to logistics of any vehicle requisitions

Standard Equipment (Modified by Regimental Upgrades and Modifications) (30 Points)

  • One uniform
  • Poor weather gear
  • One Laspistol, and four charge packs
  • One Assault Lasgun w/Overcharge Packs and six charge packs (10 Points: Upgraded from Lascarbine)
  • One Knife
  • Three Frag Grenades, Three Smoke Grenades
  • One Flak Vest, Flak Jacket, Flak Helmet
  • Rucksack or sling bag
  • One set of basic tools
  • One mess kit and one water canteen
  • One blanket and one sleep bag
  • One rechargeable lamp pack
  • One grooming kit
  • One set of cognomen tags or equivalent identification
  • One primer or instructional handbook
  • Combat sustenance rations, four weeks supply
  • One Auspex Per Squad (10 Points)
  • Micro-bead added to standard kit (8 Points)
  • Recaf (2 Points)

Only War

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